Michael & Kathleen Owen are located on the Central Coast of NSW Australia. We have been involved in jewellery making since the 1970’s. Our focus is on quality. We pride ourselves in creating distinctive pieces of.925 Sterling Silver, 100% handcrafted works of art to be worn and enjoyed by our clients. We source all our semi-precious stones, turquoise and Murano Glass with a hands on approach selecting only the finest available. In Murano, Italy we work with 3 of the finest and most respected masters of millefiori art glass. All of them holding the “VETRO ARTISTICO” trademark of Murano assuring the glass is made in Murano by the approved glassmaker.

We also commission “one of a kind” pieces from worldwide locations such as Mexico (Taxco),  Indonesia, Italy,  Baltic region ( Amber) and the United States just to name a few. The handcrafted settings on all our pendants, earrings and Murano pieces are second to none !! The Italian chains we offer are the finest available in the world, all solid .925 Sterling Silver.